Dec 26 2014

Real photo or computer artwork?

The eye sometimes deceives!

Hey rocker!

Russian Roulette Artwork
Russian Roulette Artwork13-Apr-2014 21:38, NIKON CORPORATION NIKON D7000, 11.0, 11.0mm, 133 sec, ISO 100

I’m here back again to write after a bit of time because I have received several opinions about the album cover of our latest recordRussian Roulette“. There is who likes and who does not like it, but everyone told us to congratulate those who have worked so hard with photoshop (or any equivalent graphics program) for its realization. At these words I have always said: “Dude there’s no computer graphics, it is a real photo, made with real cameras and a torch! The merit is all of two photographers: Carlo Mastropasqua and Davide Mantovanelli!”. The incredulous reaction of the people to this sentence has prompted me to write this post to let everyone see that I do not lie!

The cover of “Russian Roulette” is somewhat different from the usual … is clearly a revolver … but it has something strange. If you look closer you realize that it is a quite strange and complicated revolver. The idea came up suddenly and we moved immediately contacting the two photographers:

RR 1
RR 112-Apr-2014 16:24, HUAWEI HUAWEI U8825-1, 3.49mm

_ “Hey guys, we would like to take pictures for our new album!!”

|  “Ok, what is the plan?”

_ “We thought of a picture of a gun … a bit special … we would like to compose it exclusively with musical instruments. With our personal musical intruments!”

| “Great, we work everyday with guns build up with musical instruments! Ah ah ah!”

_ “We’d like a realistic job and not a graphic collage made with Photoshop!!”

| “Sure! We are specialized in photos of guns made of musical instruments without using photoshop…”

Auks, after our absurd proposal, the two photographers did not loose heart, and together we have started to get serious. First of all, some studies of proportions have been done in order to see if the idea of the gun was feasible. We thought about a photograph in perspective but the yield was not at optimal, therefore it was decided for a side profile photo but here began the real problems. Get high enough to have enough visual is not a simple thing and also the prospects would remain staggered since the musical instruments would have lied on the floor.

So we had the crazy idea to compose the gun “in the air”. Crazy idea that has resulted in a day full of work spent to build a scaffold that was capable of supporting the composition of musical instruments. After building it we started the composition itself that took as much time between camera shots, repositioning and studies of light. Davide and Carlo have strenuously tried several methods to emphasize the light and shape of the revolver in order to achieve an effect as realistic as possible. After hundreds of hours of testing and shots they have chosen the method by which the final cover have been realized: the lightpainting.

We asked the photographers what they think of the work done: “After all, the secret to getting the final photo is only one: remove the cap from the lens for optimum brightness, ah ah ah! Seriously, the work was challenging, but the result speaks for itself. Simple gimmicxs as a flash job first and then the lightpainting, followed by a minimal post-production (ie the optimization phase with the computer), designed to emphasize the structure of the light and shadows and eliminate the few places where you could see the wire that supported the musical instruments.”. Are you wondering what the hell is the lightpainting? It is a photographic technique that plans to hold the camera on a tripod, the ambient brightness reduced to zero, and a controlled exposure lasting several seconds. As long as the shutter is open, and then the sensor is “seeing” the dark scene, you go with a light source to illuminate only the points of interest of the subject, ie the revolver in this case. Only lit areas are going to impress the sensor, making the lighting very selective and rather manageable.

So yes, you read right, it is not a collage, not a graphic, is a “simple” photography. I know you still do not believe it and then we shot a video of the construction of the cover, enjoy it rocker!

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Oct 08 2013

A goal is approaching!

Playing some rock towards our first album!

It’s almost done my friends … it is official, in November we’re going to enter the studio for the recording of our first Full Lenght Album! It’s a very important step for us, probably the most important since , about six years ago, we decided to give a name to our dreams , our aspirations but also our passion.

Uncledog is a word that does not exist in the vocabulary but which binds our lives with a narrow thread in countless, exciting and unforgettable experiences; also alternated with sad and desperate moments which have put a strain on our ability to be a “band.” The fact is that we like to play music together. WE ARE A BIT LIKE SEX, THE MORE WE DO IT, THE MORE WE REALIZE HOW MUCH WE LIKE TO DO IT! For this reason, we work so hard in order to create a real UNCLEDOG-marked album.

In the last two years we have worked hard … is difficult to explain to those who do not try in first person what it means to ” make music ” in a band. We certainly are not music-masters with an academic degree  and we do not claim to provide technical and scientific explanations , we can only rely on our personal experience. We can just say that it is an incredibly tough and charming process, that touches you inside and puts anyone in front of themselves with disarming comparisons regard to conscious / subconscious, stirring up emotions and deepest thoughts of the individual. It ‘s like a very complex job , but much more complex.

It is certain that when the members of a band can condense into a song all these streams so full of meaning , is there that something happens! Something truly magical. We have lived several of these magical moments all together, and it is for this reason that our album will be a thing we are going to do, first of all, for us as a band . For us and for the people who have been in many years , in one way or another , part of our music.

After nearly a year of work we found ourselves with more than 50 rough tracks, a quantity of material that has left surprised even ourselves … we had never written so much. At that point it was hard to choose which ones to bring to completion for the album, I omit quarrels and flying objects inside the rehearsal room between those who wanted to keep that track and exclude the other, and who obviously wanted to do the exact opposite!

The route taken by every single song has been long and arduous, but the rock and the excitement in playing music together have been faithful companions, always present, in these months of hard work. Now we are looking forward to put everything “on disk” , in order to convey to you all these emotions. Many of you have supported or encouraged us, or insulted for the silence that we did fall upon us, but we needed it. Above all, many of you have waited and have been waiting for us… now the wait is almost over, Uncledog are coming back !

Hugs , see you very soon!

Rock ON !


P.S. : At the beginning of my post I said that we are entering the Studio, but it will not be exactly like this … In the next post we’ll reveal the location we have chosen for the recording sessions , and maybe we’ll give you even some juicy anticipation about the tracklist of the future LP and the people who are working and will work with us for the realization of this project!

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Jul 30 2013

A long wait worth something exceptional!

A few time away from the stage, but Uncledog are more active than ever!

Hello our dear  fan, how are you?

I finally wrote these couple of lines to answer to a question that has been done more than once: “… where are the Uncledog?”.

28-Jul-2013 20:26, HUAWEI HUAWEI U8825-1, 3.49mm
Legitimate question because in these months we have necessarily neglected the live part of our musical activity, in order to dedicate ourselves to the composition of new songs. As a result many people, not seeing us on stage, invented a plenty of  stories about our situation.

Well, here we are! Alive and more active than ever, there’s no doubt! I would like to dispel any rumor that, as I have heard, says that we are failed as a band. Perhaps those who supply these items would like to see us destroyed, but we are always here overactive! No “mystical pause for reflection” or whatever, Uncledog are more active and productive than ever!

This was a programmed period of absence from the live shows. In fact you have to know we are a bit stubborn, so we could not focus as we wanted on the composition of the new songs. Songs that will be included in our first LP . These last few months have seen us involved in the creation of this musical project and the next will not be outdone.

This post was obligatory because it is something we care about and your positive feedback is the most important thing for us. So we locked ourselves in the rehearsal room with head down, trying to understand any new idea and develop it as best as we can. But wait for us! We will come with new great tracks!

Stay always updated for another shiver because now the news will come from our starry cloud.



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Jan 26 2013

“Face on the Floor” EP in free download!

A great birthday needs a great present, so this is for you rocker!

13-Aug-2011 09:37, LG Electronics Inc KM-570, 2.8, 0.1 sec, ISO 400
Hey Rocker!

As I mentioned yesterday, today is the day of our fifth birthday! We celebrate it undoubtedly with a great party, but we want you to enjoy with us this small achievement!

That’s why we decided to give you a gift! From today is available in free streaming and free download our EP “Face on the Floor“, recorded at Radiostar Studios in Weed (CA) with producer Sylvia Massy and Fernando Fidel Flores.

We decided to make this gift to all the people we know, old and new fans and to all those love the original music like we do!

To listen and download all tracks of the EP go to the homepage of our website you will find a player, just click on “download” and enter your e-mail address, if you are not already part of the Uncledog Army! The download will start automatically!

If you want, you can give us a big help by listening to our EP to many people as possible sharing it with your friends! What else … we are going to celebrate this great day, just download the tracks and .. good rock’n’roll!


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Jan 25 2013

A great birthday present to celebrate 5 years together!

Happy birthady to the UNCLEDOG!  But the present is for you, guys!

Dear friends, musicians, hard rockers or just curious, welcome back.

With pride, I am writing to share with you a pleasant event: next January 26th, 2013 we Uncledog celebrate our fifth birthday! Yes, five years in which those who followed us have really seen unbelievable things.

1st Live Show!
1st Live Show!24-May-2008 22:43, Samsung Techwin , 2.8, 6.3mm, 0.5 sec, ISO 80

Our desire is to personally thank each of you, friends and supporters! The veterans could already giggling, thinking about all they have seen on and off stage, For this reason, it’s right for us to share with all of you a brief look at our history, that seems only just begun, but has already given us a lot to say and a lot of experience to be proud of.

So we start from the beginning, namely from January 26th 2008, the date when the name “Uncledog” timidly appeared in a corner of a poster for an emerging bands’ contest. Our first concert, where we were able to play live our first creations: three songs that allowed us to climb the ranks of the event and also to bring home the applause of our first twenty fans. Maybe it was the adrenaline or the charm of the stage, the fact is that the doggie began to get out of his doghouse.

This was followed by a year full of concerts here and there, good and bad people, but above all a lot of study and mess tin. The 2009 was the year of beer festivals, more mature musical creations and also of the first true satisfactions, such as our first time in the recording studio to record our first demo or the first big concert into the “Rock Zone” in front of a large audience.

Live at Rock Zone!
Live at Rock Zone!23-Jun-2010 23:23, Canon Canon EOS 450D, 4.0, 18.0mm, 0.02 sec, ISO 1600

In 2010, the doggie have barked so much that woke up a blonde lady who lives overseas. It was the year in which the American producer Sylvia Massy invited us to record our music in hersRadiostar Studios” in Weed, California. This led to our first EPFace on the Floor“, five tracks full of our passion for rock’n’roll, which has finally decreed the union of our five minds in one work.

The year 2011 has opened with excellent future prospects and so it was. Interviews on local radios, really amazing events , our first music video, and even a small tribute by Este, our city. But the insatiable hunger for the stage has not subsided at all, giving us a little more maturity and new musical ideas. So the doggie has grown up and started running fast, so fast that he reached Slovakia and continued through the eastern countries till to cross the boundaries of cold Russia, giving us so much suffering (7000 km in 15 days are a bit heavy and unpredictable) but also a mountain of satisfactions, fun and new friendships.

Uncledog with Sylvia Massy!
Uncledog with Sylvia Massy!11-Oct-2010 15:21, Canon Canon PowerShot SD780 IS, 3.5, 7.173mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 320

The 2012 violent arrived, giving us an evening with Pino Scotto, but above all we knew a person who is still working with us: Pietro Foresti, an Italian producer, who is accompanying us in an exciting journey of composition, full of sessions into our rehearsal room and new trials, looking forward our first LP.

The 26 January 2013, is therefore an anniversary that makes us proud to be part of the music world, the rock one in particular; in these five years, who knows us saw us rejoice, jump on stage and get crazy but also suffer for the loss of those who were dear and cry for some damn bad lucks. The doggie was beaten, but was able to bite again and was immediately pampered by people like you that has always been close to us between our ups and downs, between moments of joy and deep disappointment. We are proud to have met great people here in our country and in our wanderings around the world. We also thank those who have tried to put a chain around our neck, because was priceless to break it and now the doggie‘s teeth are stronger and sharper.

Finally we want to thank all those who have worked to make more beautiful our little work: sound engineers, light technicians, photographers, directors, event organizers and so on; friends that sweat in the night on and off of the stage and then the next morning work, study and go on with their own life. It’s to thank you and all those who support us every day that from tomorrow we Uncledog decided to publish


… let’s say that for our birthday we give to you a present , with the hope to see more and more of you rockers!

Tomorrow we’re going to give you instructions on how to access to the free download and streaming! Follow us on this blog!

Honor and glory to rock’n’roll!


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